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Clinical Hypnotherapy Ealing
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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy has nothing to do with what can be seen on stage where performers try to manipulate people who act in silly ways. Unfortunately, much of the public knowledge of hypnosis is based on such shows, which very often leads to fear of hypnosis and reluctance on the part of many people to seek the help that hypnotherapy can give.

Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep is the state of consciousness that hypnotherapists use. That trance like state is similar to the one that occurs spontaneously in sleepwalking or daydreaming. Most people will experience hypnosis as a state in which they become more aware of their being, their emotions and state of mind so as to make it possible to work and transform those emotions and states which may have become a problem. You will not lose consciousness or awareness but become able to gain a different perspective on what has been troubling you.

“A smoker for twenty years, my hospital banned smoking so I decided to give up.
I was surprised I could stop in one session. Hypnotherapy changed my life”

Most people talk and act as if conscious mind is the prime mover behind our behaviour and regard the unconscious mind as something vague, that they are not really aware of. In fact, the unconscious mind is always working, monitoring, and affecting all the physical and psychological functions of the mind and the body, from blood pressure and hormone levels to states of hunger and fatigue, even when we are asleep. The sum of what we have learned and experienced is also stored within the unconscious mind, and our memory holds far more than we can usually remember at a conscious level.

Through accessing the unconscious mind, clinical hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to react differently to certain situations and can help you to understand better the development mechanism of your mind. For example if you have to prepare for an exam and feel nervous about it, you can learn how to access and strengthen your ability to relax and apply that to the situation of passing an exam. Once you know how to do that, then it becomes easier to ‘decide’ how you would like to feel and react in a given situation.

“My final year exams were a mountain, hypnotherapy helped me climb that mountain,
conquer it and look forward to the next summit”

It is also possible with hypnotherapy to access memories and past events, which are still having a detrimental impact on the present. By understanding better what happened and how patterns of behaviour and feelings were created, then it becomes possible to transform how those memories affect us in our life. You can’t erase the past, but you can learn to feel differently about it.